Biomagic Trade Products

Our website will be closing for deliveries on the 22 Dec 2021 and will re-open again on 04 Jan 2022 provided there are no further restrictions: There could be delivery delays due to circumstances beyond our control with Covid related delays in other services, if such delays crop up we will inform you of them at the time.



How to order Biomagic.

Select the Trade Products menu to see the various sizes and products. Single bottles are shown, each with a short description. The price shown in the description is for several units or one case of this item. The price you pay at checkout will depend on your total order. The total price allows for delivery, to Mainland UK, and includes a trade discount as well as a 20% discount so that you can add your VAT onto your selling price and still remain competitive.

WE PAY VAT ON JUST OUR COST PRICES. Your goods will be sent within a day or two to be posted to your physical address by Parcel Force-24. The number of cases can be changed by updating the quantity box in the Cart Icon field to the number required. The orders are added to the cart each time you Click Add to Cart item. You will be taken to the Shopping cart page and The cart contents will then display. You can add further products by using the products menu. If you wish to checkout, Click on CART at he bottom of the Shopping Cart page and you will be transferred to the PayPal Payment Page.

Submit your debit/credit card details and proceed to the final payment area. Your order will be shipped within a few days, if you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer then email your order and we will send you a PayPal Invoice. You can also arrange to collect from our Derby Depot only on working days between 10:00 and 16:00

Click on the Trade Products page you, will see the Product range! including, The 5-litre Biomagic-Anchor Toilet Fluid: The 2.5-litre Biomagic-Anchor Toilet Fluid and , The 1-litre Biomagic-Anchor Toilet Fluid. The 5th. Item in the column is our unique Biomagic-Tank Cleaner. This is used by anyone who has accidentally put fuel in their Water Tanks, be it a boat or motorhome.

We are the only company in the UK that manufacture this amazing product. Use as instructed, it will eliminate the smell and taste of Diesel from your water tank without the need for fitting new pipes and tanks, saving hundreds of Pounds. We have saved well over 100 people money this year 2020 alone. If you wish to watch our latest Video showing the range of land and water craft that have reported fuel in their water tanks look for the Blue Link below the 5-litre Tank Cleaner bottle. On The Trade Products Page!

If you prefer to have a VAT Invoice where Vat will be added to your final price then contact us first to place your order by email and our Vat Registered Trade Dept will contact you. 

Our Retail website is below where there are links to How Biomagic  works + Testimonials from customers